XAPKS Installer APK sur PC (Windows - 7/8/10) et MAC

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Mod info
Version 2.2.3
Category App
Developer APKMODY
OS Windows, Android
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Cet apk est sûr à télécharger à partir de ce miroir et exempt de tout virus.

You are a video-game enthusiast and especially love high-capacity games, but your device cannot load these games. Or you want to experience a new application, but the downloaded files contain strange files such as .xapk or .obb that you cannot open even though it takes a long time to process. XAPKS Installer will be the effective solution that you are looking for. Let’s find out what XAPKS Installer is, its features, and how it works!

Things to know about XAPKS Installer 

What is XAPKS Installer?

XAPKS Installer is a smart app developed by APKMODY.COM, it allows you to install .apk, .obb, .apk, .xapk, .apkm, and .zipp files onto your Android device quickly and easily.

To those who are not good at technology, the above terms may seem quite strange. Simply, these files are commonly used as follows:

  • .apk file is a compressed file format similar to Zip but based on the JAR format, mostly used for geo-restricted applications, not available at Google Play, or not available when installing MOD, Hacked games/applications.
  • .obb file is used to add data to games and applications.
  • .apks file is a file containing multiple apk files.
  • .xapk file is a format that includes .apk and .obb.

Because of its convenience, up to now, the application has reached more than 1,000,000 downloads by users (information from Google Play data). An impressive number for a smart installation program. So, what special features does XAPKS Installer have?

XAPKS Installer can install and uninstall applications quickly and easily

Currently, there are many different formats such as XAPK, OBB, APKs, and APKM… depending on the game or application. However, many people do not know how to install them properly, and therefore, it will lead to errors. Besides, the files containing the above formats are usually quite large, so it may take you a lot of time to install them. Therefore, XAPKS Installer was born to solve the above problems in the fastest and simplest way.

XAPKS Installer is indeed a great installer application. And more interestingly, users can completely uninstall games and applications from this platform quickly.

Supports easy application backup and restore

Not only can it support app installation, but this platform also allows you to extract the applications on your device. Whether it is a regular APK application or even an Android App Bundle, you can still easily back up or share it with others. In addition to this backup feature, XAPKS Installer also supports restoring games and applications when needed.

The highlight of XAPKS Installer is its ability to work well and be compatible with most applications on the device, including widely used applications such as Netflix, Subway Surfers, Spotify, Picsart, and Fortnite.

Check your application’s information easily

Whenever you download a game or an application to your device, you can view the detailed information of that application such as specifications, and publisher… through XAPKS Installer.

Work on all devices

Whether you use a phone, tablet, or computer, rooted or unrooted devices, you can rest assured that they can work effectively with XAPKS Installer.


Is XAPKS Installer free?

This is an extremely useful tool with many outstanding features and good compatibility with most applications. Moreover, it can work effectively on all devices. But XAPKS Installer doesn’t cost anything and it’s easy to find the app on the Google Play store. So amazing, right?

Is XAPKS Installer safe?

You can rest assured. XAPKS Installer is an extremely safe application that does not pose any danger because it does not contain viruses and malicious codes. This application has been licensed for use; you can find it easily on Google Play.

Does XAPKS Installer require access to the user device system?

The answer is yes. Like other applications on the market, when first used, XAPKS Installer requires access to the system on the user’s device. After downloading this application, you will receive all permission requests on the screen. You must accept them for the application to continue running.

Download XAPKS Installer APK for Android

Hopefully, the article will provide you with useful information about XAPKS Installer that you are looking for. XAPKS Installer has all the features of a smart installer. It charges no cost to the user and can be easily searched on Google Play. There is hardly an application on the market today that can replace XAPKS Installer. Please try this smart application and share it with everyone. Of course, you will be satisfied with it.