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Mod info Premium Unlocked
Version 1.2.11
Category App
Developer Instasize, Inc.
OS Windows, Android
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Any one of us has fond memories, memorable moments in our long life with different timelines. To capture those moments, many years ago, the invention of the camera could be considered a memorable step forward. Indeed, thanks to the camera, many of us have been able to preserve these precious things over the years to this day.

Going through many stages of development, photography has now been developed quite strongly, which is no longer as inconvenient as before, and it can be said that the advent of smartphones has greatly enhanced photography features, allowing users to take photos anywhere and at any time with great convenience.

However, in addition to taking photos, editing photos beautifully in their own way is more difficult when on social networks like Instagram or Facebook, there are only basic features that cannot satisfy users.

And Made MOD APK is created to improve and supplement those shortcomings. It is a perfect choice for you with more than 500 thousand downloads along with a high score of 4.7/5 from thousands of customer reviews.

Introduce about Made


Applications that support image editing are no stranger to anyone, but whether the product is really as you expect. Does Made make anything different from competitors of the same type? Let’s find out together.

From the previous introduction, when using it, users can clearly see that this application supports not only detailed image settings but also a strong focus on story editing on Facebook and Instagram. It is very different, creating its own highlight compared to other applications on the market today.

Impressive number of templates and filters

The first impression is that there are a lot of templates and a variety of colors with 32 free templates, 50 premium account templates, many new trendy eye-catching backgrounds, and exclusive products from the developer.

In addition, the function of editing, removing fonts, and creating your own background combined with the above huge number of colors always makes your story unique unlike any other users on social networks.

Indeed, the use of Made will make your photos or stories always come alive with diverse scenes. All thanks to 80 pre-built textures and 40 single-color swatches. It’s a massive amount that will captivate anyone with a passion for image editing.

In addition, when posting stories, inserting small pieces of information is extremely necessary for anyone who uses the social network regularly. There are 16 different fonts included completely free. And for those who have a premium account, this number increases a lot, so you never have to be constrained with your choice.

The filter feature which is extremely important for any image editing browser, has been meticulously integrated by the developer with 10 categories divided from basic to professional.

A breakthrough advantage that cannot be ignored is that it allows users to link information images to create a complete story that is arranged seamlessly. It also combines eye-catching effects, which is a remarkable highlight compared to other competitors that only allow posting each image like Powerpoint on the window which creates a much more discrete and less attractive feeling.

If you have never tried it or don’t want to go through many stages of image editing, Made is ready to please users by using artificial intelligence to make suitable selection suggestions from your information and images so that you just have to wait for the results quickly and conveniently. Similar to Story, you can also do the same with that very useful feature.


Made is completely free for everyone, but those who are satisfied with the product can pay $4.99 per month to experience even more exclusive functions. It’s all up to you as you can try the premium account for a 7-day trial before making a decision.

MOD APK version of Made

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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With the above price, it can be said that it is extremely reasonable for users because of its good quality and flexibility. Made is the must-have application for anyone who wants to edit their own photos and stories from both basic and advanced levels without being limited to anything.