InternetGuard APK sur PC (Windows - 7/8/10) et MAC

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Version 2.27
Category App
Developer SheikhSoft
OS Windows, Android
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InternetGuard APK is an app that allows or denies access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile data. The goal is to save battery power, free up space, and have better control over the device.

Introduce about InternetGuard

Create your own firewall for better mobile device control!

Every time your mobile device connects to the Internet, it will take risk of danger. Unwanted intrusions, tracking software, information-stealing viruses and so much more are on the internet. How to best preserve the device and the information contained in the device?

The advice is that you should look for an application capable of Controlling Internet access on mobile devices, as InternetGuard is doing.

What is InternetGuard?

InternetGuard is an app that allows or denies access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile data. From there, better manage security and safety for devices and data.

Blocking Internet access on mobile devices can help you with many significant benefits, not just a matter of information security, ensuring the privacy of users. It also helps limit the use of a lot of data at the same time, so the machine runs faster and lighter. Also, by limiting this space, you will help your device save battery life for your mobile, limiting falling into overuse or not knowing how many background apps you have open. Thereby increasing the performance of the phone.

Through InternetGuard you also receive important alerts every time you access a certain Internet, and also warn against websites with sensitive content. You will always be aware of where you are, what network you are accessing, whether it is safe and always be in control of the number of websites you go to.

Block web and apps with multiple options

With the main feature of blocking web access, InternetGuard is a simple application that is easy to use in terms of operation and interface. Although compact, but the effect it brings is quite large, especially for those of you who have a habit of accessing the web in large numbers and with high frequency.

InternetGuard, first, creates a firewall to protect your device itself. Of course, to suit each need, this firewall will have the ability to customize in many ways such as: allowing access when the screen is on, turning on and off blocking the web while roaming, turning on and off starting applications running in the background. , toggle blocking mode on each application. This deep customization allows you to have complete control over what you want to use and access on your device.

InternetGuard is also constantly being updated and has the ability to automatically recognize new applications installed on the device, as well as new websites appearing on the Internet. You don’t have to worry about your application falling behind the growth of the Internet and the application environment.

Is InternetGuard safe to use?

This is a common question asked by many people. InternetGuard ensures that your security and privacy are not compromised during use. The application developer also makes a commitment not to track or save user data by any means.

When needed, you can choose to record all incoming and outgoing traffic, filter web traffic, export PCAP files to analyze traffic to make more accurate decisions about options when using the application.

InternetGuard currently supports Android 5.1 and above, is IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP compatible and can be used for multiple devices at the same time. You can also choose a light and dark theme and 3 other color themes to make the application more beautiful and easier to see.

InternetGuard’s firewall creation mechanism

InternetGuard can create effective firewalls using a VPN package on the device you are using. As every data packet sent or received by your application goes through the VPN, all incoming and outgoing data traffic is attributed to InternetGuard.

Note when using InternetGuard: This app is based on the VPN interface, which is the only way to implement the firewall on non-root devices. It acts as a proxy between common applications and the server. So, on your computer, there must be a VPN service available and this service needs to be activated while using InternetGuard.

InternetGuard now comes with a Data Usage feature that allows users to check data usage for each application. Thus, being more proactive in allowing or blocking Internet access on a specific app.

Download InternetGuard APK for Android

Create a firewall, control Internet access activities, and access devices to minimize virus infection and gaining illegal information, InternetGuard is a reliable app you should have on your phone.