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Version 6.1.13
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Developer Francisco Franco
OS Windows, Android
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Have you encountered a situation where your mobile phone is fully charged overnight, not using or activating any apps, but by morning the battery is only half? The main reason is that the background tasks are still running and consuming the phone battery. But how do you identify and turn them off, saving battery and optimizing the battery? Franco Kernel Manager APK is the perfect app to help you fix that. Let’s learn about this app through the article below.

Things to know about Franco Kernel Manager

What is Franco Kernel Manager?

Franco Kernel Manager is a tool to measure and statistics hardware and software parameters for Android devices such as CPU, GPU, ZRAM, BUS, Battery, or clock operating time. Specifically, this app will conduct deep penetration into the operating system, and basic flows of the device and extract important parameters. Then, Franco Kernel Manager will provide detailed information about the hardware and software on the device so that you can grasp their performance at the current time and will continuously update.

Also, to be able to access the device, the app needs root permissions. But don’t worry too much, because Franco Kernel Manager only performs its functions without changing or adding any other information to the original data.

Outstanding features of Franco Kernel Manager.

Simple and friendly interface

The interface of Franco Kernel Manager is designed to be quite simple but full of the necessary features. The app focuses on the main menus and important options, making it easy to find information the first time you reach it. In addition, one of the highlights of the interface of Franco Kernel Manager is the use of harmonious and balanced colors, creating a pleasant feeling for users.

Manage and save battery effectively

Batteries are an integral part of an electronic device. The more you use the battery, the longer the battery life, the longer the battery life, and the lower the risk of battery failure or unstable operation. Therefore, Franco Kernel Manager will be a useful tool to help you solve this problem, by monitoring and managing battery capacity effectively.

Specifically, Franco Kernel Manager will give you information related to the power consumption of each app, to form a graph of battery usage. That will help users know which apps consume the most battery. You will also know which apps are running in the background to turn them off, avoiding vulnerabilities that leak your personal information. If there is an abnormal change, Franco Kernel Manager will warn the user immediately.

Furthermore, Franco Kernel Manager also has an active time counter feature when you open the device, meaning it will make a prediction of the remaining battery life based on the current power consumption of the battery.

Supports a detailed control panel

The dashboard of Franco Kernel Manager will help users to see the hardware and software measurements on the device. For example, in the CPU central processing unit, users can know the clock level over time and its operating parameters in real-time.

Through this control panel, you can directly interact with your device and set parameters for each operation. For example, when you play a game, you can set the maximum CPU clock and RAM usage.

Night Shift

In addition to the above features, Night Shift is also one of the extremely useful features. The blue light on mobile devices is very harmful to your eyes when you use them at night. Therefore, Night Shift will help you remove those blue lights, replacing them with yellow (depending on the level of adjustment), making your vision feel more comfortable and pleasant.


Is Franco Kernel Manager free?

Although this app is not free, you can buy Franco Kernel Manager on Google Play for only $1.59, but with the superior features that this app provides, the cost is completely worth it to experience.

Is Franco Kernel Manager safe?

Franco Kernel Manager is a legitimate and licensed platform. The app only performs its functions without changing or adding any other information to the original data. So, you can rest assured, that this application is very reliable and 100% safe.

Download Franco Kernel Manager APK & MOD for Android

Franco Kernel Manager is one of the best tools for your mobile device with powerful and useful features such as measuring software and hardware parameters and displaying the battery consumption performance of apps on the device… Although it is a paid app, it is indeed an extremely useful application to help you manage your device well. So, let’s download this amazing app right away!